Sunday, January 30, 2011

GRAMMA SEEBER's very veggie soup! ~

i hate to cook, i  try not to get in a kitchen if I  can help it, if I could drink my nourishment I would..   so this is my answer...( but now I actually love to cook)

in a pot on medium high heat, place 1/4 cu veggie broth and half a medium onion...saute it  up until it carmelizes just a bit...then add two  cans of  vegetable broth, 1  stalk celery cut up,half a yam peeled and chunked, half a medium summer squash, hand full of  baby carrots whole...maybe 1-2 cups of frozen corn,  hand full of quinoa and larger handful of basmati or brown rice...  mrs. dash original also...probably about a  teaspoon... oh then I add a bit more water , may be 2 cups

bring to a simmer and let  simmer for an  hour or so... 

WOW YUMMY!!  today I made it again, i forgot to put the carrots in but I added frozen green beans, and a bit more rice and quinoa... 

even better!!  geeze this is  easy.. and you can eat all you want.. lost weight and get that diabetes GONE!! 

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