Friday, March 4, 2011

having trouble getting started; here is what I do...

  Everyone has to find what will work for them with this eating plan.  I do things completely different from my brother  or even from my father, though I do cook for him now.

Breakfast;  either a glass of low sodium V8, a bowl of oatmeal with frozen fruit of ch oice mixed in after it is cooked,or banana or both and cinnamon and tsp or so of honey, OR a glass of chocolate soy or almond milk, OR a smoothie

after I eat I make up a big pot of veggie soup or chili,  most of the time...

  lunch; veggie soup and sometimes fat free premium saltines, OR  a big bowl of chili maybe with some brown rice,  OR a  plate of  steamed veggies ( I just nuke frozen ones in the wave) broccoli,corn,baked potato, carrots, and use some lite honey mustard dressing

dinner; more soup OR chili OR  maybe a corn/rice pasta spaghetti, with prego fresh mushroom sauce, or maybe a huge salad filled with leftover steamed veggies and cold baked potato...  just vary your meals back and forth...makes life easy

  I do these meals over and over,  finding a new one here and there that we like... it's really an easy day of not being hungry! and being loaded with energy

SNACKS; I do eat baked lays or tostitos chips with walmart brand white  corn and black bean salsa...  or another V8, or a chocolate soy or almond milk with some  crackers, or a smoothie... around 9pm each night ( hubby started the snack time tradition) 

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  1. Thanks for the advice Robin. I am having a hard time getting started. Its a bit overwhelming. I thought.. I can give up anything to feel better and get off all these meds. Hardest thing I am having to wrap up is coffee and diet soda. Lots more reading to do. Keep posting and encouraging.