Saturday, February 26, 2011

YUM.. bought some pizza crusts yesterday~

  I love boboli but it has milk products in it!  so we went with another brand that was hanging next to boboli.   READ YOUR LABELS.  The crust was tasty, thick and crispy... very good.. we added Great Value ( blah to walmart but it is a good sauce with the least amount of junk in it, it is pretty natural) pizza sauce, fresh mushrooms, fresh onions, black olives,  sliced zucchini, seasonings, and bit more sauce, baked in a 425 oven for around 11mins.. very very good.. and oh so healthy! 

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  1. Dr. McDougall recommends the whole wheat kabuli crusts from the Dallas Gourmet Bakery. (Link here) They are vegan with no added oil. The company is great about shipping these out; in fact, it's time for me to order another case!